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I have been 29 for 1 week now.  7 days have passed since the start of my year-long countdown to 30 and I already find myself in a bit of a panic.  I’ve created a list of 30 items and as of today, have only 51 weeks to complete it.  That means I need to check off 1 item every 1.7 weeks.  Plus, #14 is made up of 10 movies and #15 is 4 different sporting events so we’re actually talking about 42 items in 51 weeks.  That means my days-per-list item has dropped from about 12 to 8.5!  There are also 3 items that haven’t been decided upon yet so who knows how to factor that in.  Look, I’m not going to give you a math lesson here because frankly, I’m not very good at math, but the point is the clock is ticking!

As you know, I attended a Ravens game last Sunday so I have crossed that one off.  I also crossed off “create a blog” because, well, what do you think you’re reading right now?  Anyway, that means I have completed 1.25 items out of 30.  It’s a start; not a great one, but it’s a start.  While I cannot tell you at this moment when I will be completing the next item on my list, I can tell you I have begun making strides towards some of them.  Here’s a couple of notes about the progress I am making:

#1-3 (Marathon, Mile, and Gym) As any marathoner knows, the key to a personal best is training.  As a father to two young children, time to train is difficult to come by.  Thankfully, these things don’t really have an end date attached to them except for the marathon.  I plan to run the Baltimore Marathon in October, right before the big birthday, so I guess I have about 11 months to get myself ready for that. 

In an attempt to get myself into shape without sacrificing time away from the family, I’ve started looking into equipment for the home such as a treadmill and home gym.  This experience will likely be worthy of its own column as it seems that people selling their fitness equipment are a unique bunch.  I have already spoken with a gentleman named Bubba who would like to get rid of his home gym because he feels he has “peaked”, whatever that means.  Anyway, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on this development.

#5 (Tattoo) I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about this one.  Some good, some bad.  For those thinking I will not actually go through with this, rest assured, it will happen.  The details, however, are not nearly complete.  Where, when, and what are still open for discussion so feel free to send ideas.  Keep it clean people…this is a family blog.  Also, the theme of the tattoo will likely have to do with my kids so take that idea and run with it.

#8 (Catch a pass…) Out of the gate, this one seemed like it was going to be tough.  It still may be.  But lets just say a friend of a friend knows a guy who works with a girl who eats at the restaurant that…ok this could go on for a while.  Point is, the wheels are in motion.

#12 (Guitar) As it turns out, fellow Overlea High class of ’99 graduate Scott Spivey has made quite a name for himself in the music biz.  Scott and I went to school together and since graduation, he has gone on to play guitar with several bands and has opened his own studio teaching lessons.  Scott and I have touched base in the past several weeks and we’re lining up some lessons for the near future.  If anyone else is interested in learning, Scott has gotten rave reviews for both his playing and teaching.  Check out his website here.

#16 (Golf at Bethpage) Another difficult task to complete due to the rules in place for reserving a tee time at this famed course.  The good thing is that once I am able to get a time booked, I won’t have to worry about paying for the round.  Thanks again to my family for the gift of a paid round of golf at this incredible venue.  I can’t wait to get incredibly frustrated, shout obscenities, and vow to never play this god forsaken game again!

#17 (Duke/Maryland) I knew this was potentially a pipe dream from the start.  One of the toughest, or at least one of the most expensive, tickets to get for a sporting event.  Plus, this one has a strict deadline of January 9th.  Less that 2 months left to make it happen.  Thanks to those trying to work their magic for me.  Keep working…I appreciate it!

#20 (Bill Simmons) Another potential pipe dream.  This could be an ongoing challenge for the next 51 weeks.  I’m not giving up hope yet.  It’s way too early for that.  If anyone happens to know Bill Simmons, it would make this much easier so please let me know.

#28, #29, #30 (?) I’m sure you are all on the edge of your seats wondering what these last 3 things will be.  Well, I’m on the edge of mine as well.  I’ve gotten some interesting ideas but not enough.  To all my loyal readers out there, keep the suggestions coming!  Nothing is too absurd…well that’s not true.  A lot of things are too absurd.  But it will be fun to read them anyway!

So that’s the latest update everyone.  I will continue to keep you posted on all the developments and will also continue posting articles on other topics as well from time to time.  One final note on the list.  The polar bear plunge takes place in late January I believe and in order to participate, you have to raise at least $50 in donations for the special olympics.  With the help of you, my loyal readers, I think we can do a lot better than that.  I will be posting details on how to donate in the near future so keep checking back. 

1 week down, 51 more to go!  It’s gonna be a fun year!