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I love canned cranberry sauce.  You know, the kind that holds the shape of the can even after you slide it out.

I thought about ending this post right there seeing as how it is a thought of mine and most of you would agree it is random.  Well, except for the people reading this who are counting down the minutes to Thanksgiving dinner and saying to themselves, “Wow, I was just thinking about cranberry sauce.  This guy is amazing!” Anyway, Thanksgiving is 2 days away and I’m pretty excited about it.  There are several things that make Thanksgiving the 2nd best holiday of the year in my opinion.  First, the spread at Thanksgiving dinner is something people look forward to all year long.  Those who consider themselves professional eaters train year round for this marathon event.  In many cases, the word dinner is used loosely as meals start early in the afternoon and can last into the night as folks travel from family to family.  Thanksgiving dinner dominates other dinners.  It is the Muhammad Ali of dinners.  Second, Thanksgiving is the football holiday.  Sure the games may not be great (they keep trotting those Detroit Lions out there every year), but you can’t beat zoning out on football while you slowly slip into a turkey coma.  The only reason Thanksgiving doesn’t crack the top spot on my list of holidays is the gift factor.  Until the idea of people giving me gifts on this great holiday catches on, Christmas will continue to reign supreme in my mind. 

Anyway, this year I have a lot of things to be thankful for.  After a long stretch of unemployment, I found myself a new job in January.  My daughter turned 1 in April and my beautiful son was born in August.  My wife has somehow not yet realized that I married up so I got that going for me, and my friends introduced me to the idea of the 30 before 30 list which I am very excited about.  It’s been a good year and I look forward to the upcoming one being even better. 

As for the status of my list, I might as well update you on the lack of progress being made.  The truth is, I have a feeling much of the list will be put on hold as we head into the gauntlet that is the month or so between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Between the shopping, the putting up of Christmas decorations, the parties, the visits to numerous Santas, the shopping, the obligatory church appearances, the shopping, the family get togethers, the holidays, the taking down of Christmas decorations, the taking back of unwanted gifts…ok, you see where I’m going with this.  The point is it’s a busy month for everyone, so if you could please temper your expectations of me I would appreciate it.  That being said, I’m not ruling out the possibility of crossing something off my list between now and the start of 2011. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, Scott, an old high school friend of mine will be teaching me how to play the guitar.  As soon as I can figure out a time to get started, I’ll be on my way.  In addition to his teaching gig and being a member of a local rock band, Starcrush, Scott also participates in a little something he calls Real Rock Band Karaoke.  Every other week or so at two different locations in the Baltimore area, Scott and a few of his musically inclined friends, put on a karaoke night.  What makes this different from your typical karaoke is that instead of nervously standing on stage with nothing but a microphone, a screen with song lyrics, and a musical track in background, Scott and his buddies provide you with an actual rock band to accompany your out-of-tune voice!  Seeing as how singing karaoke is one of the items on my list, I believe I have found the venue for my debut performance.  I have received requests from many of you saying that you would like to be present for this event.  I can only assume it is because you believe I am so talented that you simply can’t miss it.  Well don’t worry fans, I’ll be sure to let you know ahead of time so you can come on out and join me.

I am still holding out hope for the Duke vs. Maryland basketball game in January.  It’s true that tickets can be purchased for this game from websites like StubHub unfortunately, seeing as how they cost an arm and a leg, I simply can’t give up those body parts since I require both of them to play golf at Bethpage Black.  I still have some wheels in motion on this one though so I’ll keep you posted as the game nears.

Also, as we speak, Bill Simmons of ESPN is conducting a live chat on the website.  I am flooding the mailbox with questions for him in hopes he will respond to my 30 before 30 request.  There are 3 possible outcomes here.  One; he will find my idea so interesting and unique that he will visit my blog, contact me via email, and ask me to give him a call.  A friendship will develop, I will become a regular guest on the BS Report, and my career in sports writing will take off.  Two; he will ignore my first 25 requests in the mailbag, eventually grow tired of me continuously submitting the same thing, and have me blocked from ESPN all together.  He will then mention me on his podcast only to say that I am stalking him and my name and reputation will be tarnished, preventing me from ever getting work in the sports industry.  Three; He will never even see my comments since there are about 2 million other fools like me doing the same thing.  I’m betting on number three, but you never know, two seems likely as well.

So that’s about it for now everybody.  Thanks as always for following me and submitting your comments and suggestions for additions to the list.  Remember, still 3 spots open on the list so your thoughts are still welcomed.  Talk to all soon, and if I don’t see you, have a happy Thanksgiving!