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Have you ever gotten an idea in your head that seemed so great at that moment of inception, that it was impossible to see any faults in it?  The more you think about it, the better it seems.  Your mind races with possibilities and without giving it any realistic thought, you jump right in.  The initial surge of optimism is like an army storming enemy lines and then…the dust clears.  Reality hits you like a freight train and suddenly your perfect plan doesn’t seem so perfect anymore.  The flaws that you didn’t think were there, start showing up like pimples on a high school kid and you realize that you might not have thought this through.  Then it hits you, “I’ve told everyone about this, how can I get out of it now without seeming like a fool?”  So you start to back pedal…

Well, this is me backpedaling.

No, I’m not quitting my 30 before 30!  Not even close.  I am, however, going to be modifying it.  You see, when I decided to come up with my list of 30 things to do before I turned 30, there were several factors I considered.  Would it be fun?  Would it be exciting?  These were a couple of the questions I used to evaluate what made the list and what didn’t.  One factor I chose to ignore however, was the fact that I have ONLY ONE YEAR before I turn 30!  If the idea of 30 before 30 had come to me when I was 25, I would have had some time to prepare a little better but as my wife will tell you, I like to leave things til the last minute. 

The facts are these: I only get two weeks of vacation a year, I have two families that I love to spend time with, and I only make…wait a minute, I almost told you how much I make.  That would have been embarrassing.  The point is, I didn’t factor these things in when I created the list and so I’m going to have to make some adjustments.  I have two vacations already planned for this year which I am looking forward to and since I don’t make a lot of money (as you can tell from the previous sentences), I can’t afford to take time off of work.  But no need to fret, my loyal readers, there are only a few changes to be made here.  I mean it’s not exactly like I was taking a trip around the world or anything.  The majority of my list will remain untouched. I still intend to jump into icy water, I still intend to pass out from the pain of a tattoo (I have a low ouchy tolerance), and I still intend to make a fool of myself on stage at karaoke night!  Anything that will likely lead to my embarrassment or a really funny story will remain on the list, this is my promise to you!

With that being said, let me provide you with a brief update to the list, as well as some potential changes/additions that are soon to come.

#1-#3- Well, if ever there was an opening to get myself out of physical activities, this would be it.  Alas, I have made myself a promise to get back into shape and start running again so I guess there’s no reason to take these things off the list.  I’ll also let you know that I still have not begun any kind of training yet.  Maybe I’ll wait until the new year, make it my new year’s resolution…yeah, that’s the ticket!

#6 and #7- Me and the fam are headed up to Massachusetts in April to visit with my wife’s family.  For those of you who don’t know my wife, this is Jen.  Jen, this is everybody.  Ok, enough with the introductions.  Anyway, I fully intend to catch a ballgame at Fenway while we’re up there so this one is staying on the list too.  Unfortunately, I may be removing the trip to Cooperstown.  Don’t worry though, I’ll get up there someday.  Any true baseball fan should do it at some point, maybe when Albert Pujols is elected to the hall.  He’s the best pure hitter of my generation, in my opinion, and does things the right way.  At least that’s what I choose to believe.

#9- This one is still up in the air.  The first two weekends of March Madness start on Thursday and run through Sunday so it’s possible I could do this without missing time from work.  Luckily, Washington DC was chosen as one of the sites for opening round games this year so I don’t have far to travel.  Tickets aren’t cheap though so we’ll have to see how this one pans out.  I’ll keep you posted.

#16- As I mentioned before, my family was nice enough to hook me up with a gift card to Bethpage so this one is definitely happening.  Anyone who wants to join me, be prepared to sleep in the car in the parking lot the night before if you want a spot.  This course is like the soup place in Seinfeld.  If you’re not there by a certain time and park your car a certain way, no golf for you!

#17- This one’s not looking so good either.  It’s almost a month now before the game and so far, no leads on cheap tickets.  If it doesn’t work out though, I may still paint my face Terps red and jump up and down in front of my TV.  Anyone want to come over?

#28-#30- #28 is officially posted now.  I held off for a while because the plans were not set but now it appears they are.  Next fall, we’ll be taking the kiddies on a magical journey to the happiest place on earth- Disney World!  And I can’t wait to see my little Izzy’s face when she meets Mickey Mouse.  Ok, you got me…I can’t wait to see Mickey myself!  #29 and #30 are still open though so keep the ideas coming.  I really do appreciate it.

So that’s the latest update folks.  I don’t intend to leave any item blank so anything that is being removed will be replaced by something else.  I mean the name of my blog is 30 before 30, not 26 before 30!  One final note- as I am writing this, the blog is just 3 views short of 1000!  I appreciate everyone’s support and feedback and hope you are enjoying what you’re reading.  Please continue to spread the word, and the link, to anyone else who might enjoy it.  That’s it for now…talk to you soon!