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Yesterday was Wednesday which means Izzy goes to Tots.  Tots is essentially a pre-pre-school where toddlers under two go to sing songs, play with toys and climb on playground apparatus as if they were practicing their olympic balance beam routine.  Jen is off of work every Wednesday so she takes Izzy to this little social event and the Jakester tags along since he is, in fact, only about 6 months old and therefore has no say in the matter.

Yesterday, Jen had decided that since they would already be out at this toddler social, it would be a good opportunity to get a tune-up for the car.  So after chasing Izzy around the playroom for an hour with 16lbs of squirming infant strapped to her chest, the trio headed over to the dealership for an in-and-out routine service visit.  2 hours, 1 bottle, and 2 poop incidents later, the three musketeers finally headed back to the home base after being out all morning long.

When I got home last night, Jen regaled me with her stories of the day.  There was the little boy at tots who was making googly eyes at Izzy (you know who you are little man…I’ll be watching you!).  The diaper changing fiasco in the bathroom of the dealership that resulted in Izzy crawling on the floor half-naked and Jake pooping through his outfit.  Oh, and let’s not forget the rather creepy encounter with the old man who mistook Iz and the Jakester for twins (come on old-timer, put the spectacles back on), then congratulated Jen on being “a good catholic girl” when he realized how close in age the kids are. 

I sat back, exhausted from hearing these tales and wondered how on earth she made it out alive.  Because of our work schedules, Jen usually has several days by herself with the kids.  I, on the other hand, usually only have to pull solo duty on Saturdays.  A typical day for me, alone with two kids, involves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all morning, playing with every toy within arm’s reach, and praying the kids take naps in the afternoon so I can re-coop from the AM.  To tell you the truth, some days it’s a coin-flip whether they even make it out of their sleepers and into actual daytime outfits. 

Picture the cowboy as a little red-headed cowgirl and this is my Saturday.

I like to hunker down in the safety and security of my home where, for the most part, I can control any situation.  Super-wife/mom, on the other hand, doesn’t think twice about braving the outside world with a toddler in one arm and an infant in the other. 

Able to leap tall loads of laundry in a single bound!

I like to think I have a pretty good handle on being a Dad.  Jen has yet to come home from work and find me locked in the bathroom with Izzy dragging Jake through the house by his feet while using the walls as a canvas for her artistic expression.  I’d even say I’m about 92% sure that scenario will never play out.  But there’s the difference between me and Super-wife/mom…there’s still that 8% chance!