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After what I felt was a pretty productive stretch last week, it seems I reverted back to my procrastinating, unmotivated self these past several days.  While I continue to make progress with Anna Karenina the way a snail makes progress crossing a sidewalk, I can report that I am finding the story more and more engaging.  I guess you have to give these Russian classics some time to marinate a little in order for the plot to really sink in.  This Tolstoy fellow; not a bad writer.  I predict he’ll become a big name among authors some day.

The only other status update I can give you involves my mastery of the guitar.  Status: Not mastered.  I’d like to be able to practice every day but time is a rare commodity at my house and, well, my fingers hurt.  I know, I know, I need to man up.  Anyway, when I do find the time to practice, I at least feel like I’m getting somewhere.  Scott’s methods of teaching and instructions for practice seem to work, which is nice since my goal is to go at least a step further than simply holding the guitar.

I’m sure you were expecting a little more from me this week but as the Gin Blossoms say, “If you don’t expect too much from me, you might not be let down.”  So my advice to you; temper those expectations going forward.  Believe me; it’ll work out better for both of us.

But fear not, loyal reader, I don’t intend to end this post so soon.  You’ve taken the time out of your day to read this garbage so you should be rewarded in some way.  Money?  Sorry, don’t got none.  Diapers?  Got plenty of them, but you probably aren’t interested.  How ‘bout I reward you with something this blog probably doesn’t provide; quality writing!

Since I entered the blogosphere a few months back, I’ve been introduced to a world of good, bad, and ugly writers…no offense to those in the latter category.  Some of these bloggers write like a bull in a china shop; trampling paragraphs with run-on sentences and destroying priceless metaphors.  Others, however, wield their prose like a samurai sword, leaving nothing but humor, intrigue, and perfectly placed semi-colons in their wake.  With that being said, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to two of my favorite blogonators who will undoubtedly reel you into their world of written wonder.

Loyal readers, this is Tori.  Tori, meet my loyal readers.  I first ran across Tori’s page after bouncing from blogroll to blogroll and was immediately hooked.  Tales of a stay-at-home baby mama are her forte and they average at least three laugh-out-loud moments per post.  You’ll find a new story about her son’s eating habits, her desperate attempts at cleaning, or a flashback or two from her glory days in high school, every day so there’s always something to catch up on.  Be prepared though, if you have bladder control issues, you may want to invest in some Depends before subscribing.

If self-deprecating humor and exceptional writing are your cups of tea, I’m pleased to introduce you to The Hack Novelist.  Hack, here are my fans…all 7 of them.  I was introduced to Hack when one of his posts made it to Freshly Pressed, and I immediately subscribed.  He’s allowing his readers to follow him on his journey through the jungle of book publishing.  He recently finished a novel that he’s convinced is trash, but judging from his daily updates, I’m going to have to disagree.  The descriptive nature of his writing is incredible and if you are a writer yourself, or a hack like him, you’ll be inspired to pick up a ream of paper at your local office supply store and start your own crappy novel. 

These two writers are worth your time, I promise you that.  Now, after driving you away from my page and into the arms of another, I realize my goal of building readership has likely just suffered a body blow.  So once again, I put the onus on you, my loyal readers.  That’s right, I said onus!  I challenge you to introduce my blog to someone you know who has not yet had the pleasure of wasting 5 minutes reading this stuff.  While my story may not be for everyone, I think it’s worth discovering and I hope you do as well.  So forward my link to a friend, send this post to your cousin or hog tie your little brother and force him to read it.  Let’s turn those 7 subscribers of mine into 700!  Or maybe just 8 or 9.