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A great way to spend March Madness

As I drove into work this morning, I heard a commercial on the radio that nearly sent me careening into a nearby telephone pole.  The minute-long ad was for a Urologist, encouraging men to schedule their vasectomy for the month of March so they could spend their recuperation time on the couch, watching the NCAA basketball tournament.  “Genius!” I thought, as I wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes and steered the car away from the bus stop full of pedestrians.   

I bet there were hundreds of men listening to that ad that seriously contemplated the possibility of SURGERY, just to spend a few days watching basketball and being waited on by their wives.  Hmm…actually, that doesn’t sound too bad.  I mean it’s not that painful, right?  But seriously, what an ingenious advertising strategy.  I’m officially sending a shout out to Chesapeake Urology for their creativity on that one.  Do with this link as you wish.

Now, the above little snippet has nothing to do with my 30 Before 30 list (although some people have suggested I add “have a 3rd kid” or perhaps more appropriately, “do not have a 3rd kid” to the list), but I just had to share it with you.  I did, however, want to discuss my list with you today and what I am adding to it.  So seeing as I am not nearly smart or creative enough to come up with a proper segway, let’s just use this entire paragraph as a poorly written transition from one topic to the next.  Great!  On to the list.

As I’ve mentioned, probably more times than you care to read, I’ve met some excellent bloggers in the short time that I’ve been spouting my stories.  I’ve been featured on the front page of WordPress.com and that honor served as a slingshot into the universe of “blogrolls”, “likes” and more comments than I ever imagined.  What started as a fun idea, chronicling my 30 things to do before turning 30, has morphed into a forum where I can share humor and opinion with best friends and complete strangers.  Sharing my stories, one thousand-word narrative at a time, has left me feeling rewarded and at the same time, not nearly satisfied. 

After reading posts from wordsmiths like Tori and Hack, people I consider much more talented writers than I, I’ve challenged myself to up my game.  I do my best to be both creative and engaging with my tales, and the feedback you’ve given me in the form of hundreds of comments has been overwhelming.  The support of you, my loyal readers, along with the confidence I’ve received in the form of encouragement from my favorite blogonators, has led me to #30 on my list.  Before I send my 20’s packing, I will begin the process of penning my first novel.

That’s right, #30 of my 30 Before 30 is “begin writing a novel”.  I could have simply said “write a novel” but I feel like that implies completion.  I certainly don’t intend to complete a novel by November; I mean I only just decided to do it!  I don’t even have an idea yet.  But that’s where you guys come in.  I continue to ask for your support along my journey and this is no exception.  I’m open to ideas for the topic of this book.  Since it will be my name under the title though, there’s a good chance I won’t be using your idea, especially if it sucks.  But if it’s good, well, you never know; I just might be thanking you for the inspiration while I sit across the couch from Oprah as she introduces me as the newest addition to her book club.  Thanks again for all the support, loyal readers, and keep spreading the word.