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Yep, I’m back.  I know, I know, you were probably hoping for one more day of peace and quiet.  Normally, that’s exactly what you’d get from me on a Tuesday, but today I thought I’d switch it up just a little.  Truth is, I didn’t want to have my “closed for business” sign up for another day after I took my talents over to Tori’s blog yesterday (that’s a little LeBron James humor there for those that thought I was just being conceded).

So this is more of a “how ’bout this weather we’re having?” small talk type post today.  Nothing too deep or thought provoking; as if that was ever the case around here.  No, today I’m going to keep things short and sweet.

If you take a look at The List, you’ll notice that #5 has been absent from every one of my Follow-Up Friday posts.  That would be because no progress of any kind has been made towards its completion.  No sample sketches have been done, no contact with tattoo parlors, not even a thought as to a possible idea.  So that brings me to the purpose of this post. 

Doesn't this just scream "I love my kids!"?

Last night, it was suggested to me that I hold some sort of contest in order to get some suggestions for the tattoo.  Since I have no money or nice things to award to a winner, I balked at the idea.  But maybe, just maybe, my loyal readers don’t care about a prize.  Maybe they’d be willing to share their ideas without the promise of some sort of shiny, sparkly, trinket at the end.  Oh, who am I kidding. 

So I ask you, my loyal readers, not to think of this as a contest, but rather an open suggestion box where you can feel free to express yourself.  I’m really struggling to come up with something here and I need your help.  I’d like you to keep a few things in mind when developing your ideas.

1) The only thing I know for sure is that I want to incorporate my children in some way (birth dates, names, something like that).

B) Let’s try to keep this reasonable in size people; I’m not auditioning for the next season of Sons of Anarchy here.

4) Please include ideas for location as well.  But keep in mind that I have an office job so let’s keep it covered up by clothing, shall we?

Those are about the only specifics I have come up with at this point, so the rest is pretty much up for grabs!  Feel free to comment with descriptive ideas or even links to pictures or your own original artwork.  Again, I can’t promise any prize if I select your idea or drawing, but I can offer my thanks and praise right here for all the world to see!  Or…well, like 7 or 8 people anyway. 

The suggestion box is officially open! 

PS – I may turn this entry into its own tab at the top of the homepage and use it for other “suggestion box” topics in the future…so look for that soon!