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Up to this point, progress towards completing my 30 Before 30 list has been relatively steady.  I’ve crossed off some big items such as my trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Polar Bear Plunge, and seeing a ballgame at Fenway Park.  I’ve also been making consistent strides towards the completion of others like reading a classic novel, seeing the Top 10 movies of all time and training for a marathon. 

Granted, the items on my list that might be considered more difficult haven’t really been addressed yet which may be why I haven’t had to deal with failure just yet.  Yesterday however, I had my first taste of defeat and I tell you, my loyal readers, it was a taste my palate did not enjoy.  You see, over the course of the last several months, one item on my list has stood out as my Eleanor; my white whale if you will. 

Starting out, my ideas for reaching out to Bill Simmons included emailing his mailbag constantly, replying to his Twitter messages and possibly stalking him outside his home.  Having not received any email replies or tweets and considering that we live on opposite coasts, my initial strategy appeared to be foiled.  That’s when I was lucky enough to connect with “friend to the stars” Angie of www.angies30before30.com.  Hope was rejuvenated as I had now found someone with connections much farther reaching than I ever imagined.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been receiving updates from Angie as she attempted to reach out to the right people on my behalf.  Her efforts culminated in making the connection between myself and the agent to one Bill Simmons.  I was ecstatic to receive his contact info from her and I quickly put an email together full of wit, charm, and a heaping pile of admiration for his client.  Yesterday, after several days of waiting, I received a reply…and a big old crane kick to the man parts, figuratively speaking of course.

That’s right, the first major road block of my journey.  I could tell from the first three words of the email that it would not end with two prepaid tickets to LA for a meet and greet with Bill.  It began, “While I appreciate…” and ended with “…but good luck with your list!”  At least he was kind enough to offer a little encouragement after drop-kicking my hopes right out the window.

In an effort to keep any bridges from burning down so quickly, I responded with my gratitude for taking the time to respond to me and informed him that I would stay in touch in case an opportunity ever opens up.  Despite my disappointment, I don’t intend to give up on this goal so quickly.  I’ve hit walls before, both figuratively and literally (the latter involved alcohol and a dark hallway), so I know what it feels like to fall down and get back up.  Angie has offered to continue reaching out to other leads which I greatly appreciate, and I, with the help of the Imagination Movers, will continue brainstorming for ideas.

As loyal readers who have followed me along my journey to this point, I wanted to keep you abreast of this status update.  As always, I appreciate your help along the way and continue to ask you to keep spreading the word.  Someone out there is going to be able to help us, I just know it.  We just have to find that person!  A little speed bump can’t stop this vehicle, it can only momentarily slow it down.