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It’s finally here!  After all the preparations, hype, and coordination; the big day has finally arrived.  I was starting to think this day might never come, but sure enough, the calendar tells me it’s April 29th which means only one thing.  My little Izzy is 2 today!  Oh, and I think I heard something about a wedding or a party or something going on too.  I’m not sure, I’ll have to see if there’s anything about it on Twitter…I’ll keep you informed.

"I'm two! I'm going to start to rebel now and wear my pants low and my hat sideways...deal with it!"

Yes, today is officially Iz’ birthday.  Two years ago today, Jen woke me up around 6:30am to tell me that she was pretty sure she might be having contractions.  Her lack of confidence in that statement didn’t exactly have me reaching for the hospital bag.  We had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for that morning anyway, so we decided to go and let the professional decide whether a baby was on its way.  We probably should have taken this lack of instinct as a foreshadowing of our parenting skills, but instead we obliviously headed to see the Doc.

We were only about halfway there when we came to realization that these pains Jen was feeling were coming consistently about 8 to 10 minutes apart.  As we sat in traffic (because I’m an idiot and didn’t realize it was rush hour), we called the doctor to fill him in on the situation.  Like the subtle man that he is, he told us we were crazy for not going straight to the hospital and instructed us to turn around.

We arrived at the hospital, sans fully-packed hospital bag, and were quickly checked in, only to find out that Jen was not far enough along to be admitted just yet.  The nurses suggested running laps around the outside of the hospital so we spent the next hour or so “Sweatin’ to the Babies”.  After our workout, the nurses agreed that it was go time and we were taken to our delivery room to get comfortable.  Parents and siblings arrived, followed by other relatives, friends, acquaintances, and the kid that delivers our paper.  It seemed everyone we ever met had set up shop in the waiting room.

Things progressed fairly quickly and before we knew it, the doctor was instructing Jen on the proper way to push.  I tried to recall the breathing techniques we had learned from our birthing class, but could only recall the part about having Jen focus on me during the pushing.  I positioned myself in front of her face and told her, “Just look right at me honey.”  She politely asked that I “get that ugly mug out of my face!” and reminded me that “this is all your fault!”  I agreed and stepped aside. (Editor’s Note: This never actually happened.  Just sounded like a funny visual.  The truth is, Jen probably could have delivered Izzy while cooking and doing laundry; that’s how calm and strong she was.)

Jen seemed prepared for what was sure to be a long process, but instead turned out to be very quick.  Within about a half hour, we were holding our little pink goo blob and trying to decide who she looked like.  After we each got the chance to hold her, I left the room and went to inform the crowd of the news.  You see, we had decided a long time ago that we wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise.  Our families were mostly supportive of this decision and bets were being taken as to which way it would go.  When I opened the waiting rooms doors and announced that “Isabella is here!”, I saw the joy in everyone’s faces, along with some money quickly exchanging hands.

"Isabella is Here!"

I’ll never forget that moment, along with all the moments that made up that incredible day.  There have been many incredible days since then, but that one will always hold a special place in my heart.  Daddy love you Izzy, Happy Birthday!

And now, a brief update for Follow-Up Friday:

#1-3: Weekly stats:

  • Miles run: 4
  • Pushups: 100
  • Situps: 80
  • Random IPod song: “The Dam at Otter Creek” by Live

Another poor performance this week.  I blame some of it on the fact that our basement was ripped apart by workers as they attempted to waterproof it this week, leaving my treadmill propped up in the corner with no room to use.  Of course the weather was finally nice for a change so I suppose I could have gone outside like someone who actually wanted to run would have done.  Enough excuses, expect higher numbers next week.

#12: I’ve officially crossed this off the list.  While I am not planning on taking part in an open mic night anytime soon, I have accomplished my goal of being able to play at least a song or two.  I’ve also taken a hiatus from official practices with Scott as things are pretty hectic around our house these days and I need all the time I can manufacture.  I don’t intend to quit playing though, and I may even start back up with Scott down the road, but for now, another list item is complete.  Thanks Scott for everything!

#20: As you may have read in my last piece earlier this week, this goal took a bit of a hit this week.  The angle I had been working, put up a road block and so we’re back to the drawing board.  As I’ve said, I’m not giving up.  Though now would be a good time for anyone out there who happens to know him, to come forward.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Well, that’s all for this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday.  I need to go speed up time so I can get home to my little girl on her birthday.  See you next week, when I hope to unveil some info on my latest writing venture as well as a series of creative writing posts I’m working on.  See you then!