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An iPod Love Story

This is the conclusion to my creative writing short story exercise, An iPod Love Story.  If you’ve missed parts 1-3, check them out here, here, and here.  If you’re waiting in breathless anticipation after engrossing yourself in the story to this point, wait no longer…here’s the conclusion!


“Just let me go to bed.” She thought to herself as she turned the knob.  As the door swung open, revealing his blue eyes to her, she felt like she was standing in quicksand, unable to move.  He looked different from the last time she saw him, scruffy and tired, like he’d been digging a ditch or something.  They both stood there silent, staring at each other.  It was a once in a lifetime moment; one that had played out in a thousand love stories before but neither of them knew how to begin.  After what seemed like wasted hours, Adrienne spoke.

You found me.”  She said softly.  “How did you…”

Josh interrupted.  “I found out about you from your mom.  I’m sorry to just knock on your door like this, but your call button wasn’t working downstairs and I just need a little of your time to say some things.  Can I come in?”

She thought about closing the door, but instead simply gestured for him to come on in.  Adrienne had always tried to avoid these uncomfortable situations, like she was born to run from them, but for some strange rhyme and reason, this felt different.  She sat down on the couch and waited for what he was going to say.  His rough hands were shaking and, like a rolling stone, he couldn’t stand still.  She watched him pace around, and seeing as he hadn’t said anything for close to a minute, she was about to get the conversation started when he suddenly stopped and looked at her.

“People like me don’t end up with people like you.” He began.

She looked confused, as she wasn’t sure if he was trying to win her love back or tell her he was over her.  She tried to speak but he continued.

“At least that’s what I thought.  I didn’t let me be myself with you before because I knew you were too good for me.  I was sure it wouldn’t last, like it was just a dream.”

“So instead, you break my heart and decide it’s better that we break up?” Adrienne was starting to get upset.  She was getting no satisfaction from his explanation.

Josh, realizing the plan he had rehearsed was bombing big time, quickly jumped in to try to bring it back to where he began.

“It sounds crazy, I know.  What I’m trying to say is that my heart was falling for you but my head wouldn’t let me love you.  It took having to live life after you for me to realize that I alone, am not who I want to be.  Chances like this just don’t happen twice and I don’t want to be lonely no more.”

She sat there, listening to him say all the right things, and wanting desperately to believe that his shameless plea for her love was true.  She kept her emotions under control though and fired back at him rather defensively.

Everyday.”  She said.  She paused for a moment and he tried to understand what she was referring to.  “That’s when I think about you; Everyday.” she continued.  “I dream about being back at your door the day I left and wonder how you just let me walk away.  My love for you then was strong, but now…I just don’t know.”

He walked across the room, stopped and kneeled down in front of her.  He took her hand in his and said, “My wish is that you’ll give me a chance.  I wanna love you and I don’t wanna stop.  I don’t want to go back to the day before you, before your love. I’ve been waiting for a girl like you and I’m not losing you again.”

Adrienne was practically in tears now.  It took superhuman strength for her to keep it together.  Josh could tell she was wavering and told himself, “Tell her about it.  Tell her you tried to stop her from leaving.”  He held her hand tighter now, trying to keep her in the moment.  

“You asked how I just let you walk away.”  He said. “Well, the truth is I tried my best to stop you from leaving.”

She had lowered her head and was staring at the hardwood floor, but with these words, she rose up and locked eyes with him once again.

“It’s true,” he continued.  “I went to your house the morning you left to tell you I’d go anywhere with you, but you were already gone.  I knew my few moments of money-making success were nothing compared to moments of you, but I was too late.  I regret my stubbornness and don’t think I don’t think about it everyday too.”

Adrienne could see the sincerity in his face, but her mind was reeling and she needed time to think

What I need to do right now is tell you goodnight.”  She said. “All I need is time to process this and it’s so late already.”

“Let me stay with you tonight.” He pleaded.

“I can’t.” She said, again trying to hold back the tears as she walked him to the door. “My head isn’t clear right now and I’ve been burned by your smooth criminal acts before.  I can’t fall for you tonight and then realize I made the biggest mistake tomorrow.  Just go.”

“I won’t go home without you.” He said, thinking maybe she’ll change her mind.

“Well, you’re just going to have to.”  She replied, not giving in.

There was nothing left to say as she closed the door behind him and collapsed from the weight of the world around her.  “Can I allow myself to fall in love with him again?” She thought as she slowly rose up from the floor.  Her mind bounced back and forth between the good times and bad and she wondered if he could be the man he claimed to be; the man who might be able to show her how forever feels.

Josh stood staring at the door thinking any minute now it would open again.  He could hear the ticking of his watch echoing in the air tonight, telling him to walk away.  “What about now?” He asked himself as he slowly walked down the hall.  “She’s everything to me…is it over?”  He had been sure that if he could just tell her tonight how he truly felt, she would take him back with open arms.  His eyes welled up with lonesome tears as he reached the stairwell.  That’s when he heard it, the most unmistakable sound; the sound of a door opening.  He stopped in his tracks, afraid to keep going but afraid to turn around.

“Josh!” He had never heard a word sound so beautiful as his name coming from her mouth.

He turned just in time to catch her as she fell into his arms.  “I’m yours,” She said. “and I always will be.  I think I knew it all along, but now I know for sure.”

The girl is mine.” He thought to himself as he held her face in his hands and kissed her. 

They held onto each other, there in the middle of the hallway, for what seemed like a lifetime of moments, making up for lost time.  Then they walked back into her apartment, hand in hand, as the door closed behind them.