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Times, they are a changin'

If you have been following my blog recently, you’ve probably noticed the infrequency of new posts and some rather cryptic messages on Twitter and Facebook regarding “changes on the way”.  If you have been following me, personally, and not my blog, I kindly request that you cease and desist before I am forced to get the authorities involved.

For the past month or so, I’ve slowed my writing pace in order to gain a better perspective on the craft and my involvement in it.  I’ve discussed some changes I plan to make with my wife and kids (though Iz and the Jakester just kind of sat there laughing at each other so I’m not sure how much that talk benefited any of us) and now I’m ready to share those changes with you, my loyal readers.

When I began this blog a little over seven months ago, I came at it guns a blazin’ with no regard for rational thought or consequences.  I immersed myself in the “30 Before 30” journey and set about making plans for the year ahead.  It took a couple of months and a reality roundhouse kick that knocked some sense into me before I scaled back the list to compensate for things like time and money, which I had previously neglected like a red-headed stepchild.  Despite this brief epiphany, I quickly reverted back to my old blinders-wearing self and refused to notice that I was neglecting the world around me.  I was romanticizing the “idea” of the 30 Before 30 list while in denial of the fact that it was not aligning with the really important things in my life.

I’m not sure what it was exactly that brought me to this final realization, but I’m certainly glad I arrived.

So I sat back and let a week or so go by without putting pen to paper or typing a single character.  I wanted to take a step back in order to determine where I wanted to go next with this “writing thing”.  What I discovered was quite revealing and perhaps exactly what I always knew but was too shortsighted to see.  Completing 30 things before I turned 30 was not what excited me.  Checking items off of a list didn’t give me a thrill.  What I enjoyed more than all that was writing about it.  Sharing stories with you, my loyal readers.  Painting pictures of my family, my kids, my life with words.

What started as a chronicle of my “journey towards 30” had re-ignited a passion for writing that I once had, many moons ago, but had since gone away.  So over the course of the last month or so, I’ve posted sporadically when a special moment (me and my wife’s 5 year wedding anniversary) or event (our cruise to the Bahamas) called for it, all the while contemplating what direction to take this blog.  What I’ve decided on is nothing short of a complete overhaul.  That’s right, I’m stripping her down to bare bones and re-building her from scratch.

Don’t worry, I’m not scrapping everything.  The “30 Before 30 list” and it’s updates will remain, but will no longer be the focus of this blog.  What I’ve learned over the past seven months is that there is nothing I enjoy more than telling a good story; whether it be about a past experience, a funny fiasco with the kids, or a sentimental moment with the wife.  So while the topics will continue to vary as they always have, the emphasis will always be on entertaining you with an engaging story.

I also intend to continue developing my skills as a writer by producing more creative writing pieces such as short stories and flash fiction.  These types of posts will become more prevalent as I get closer to the start of writing my novel (I am currently in the idea phase so the writing has a little while to wait).  I hope you will continue to support me with your constructive feedback as you have in the past.

I am not completing abandoning the 30 Before 30 list however.  There are items on the list that I am either currently in the process of completing or have promised to complete, and I have no intention of going back on those promises.  I will update you with those stories as they come up, but the idea of completing the list is no longer the end all be all of my existence.

As I begin to implement these new changes, I am going to do so with a completely clean slate.  That’s right, a brand new layout will be coming shortly…just as soon as I decide from the many choices WordPress has available to us bloggers.  Also, in keeping with my original intentions of bringing my readers along on this journey, I’d like to ask for your suggestions on a very important change I intend to make.  A brand new name!  While 30 Before 30 has served me well these many months, I believe it is a bit specific and will not accurately reflect what my blog will be about going forward.  So I’m reaching out to you for some new ideas.  I’ll be taking any and all suggestions over the next week or so as I lead up to a new “launch” of the blog.  As always, I appreciate all of your support, feedback and concerns.  It’s funny, several of you have emailed me asking where I’ve been and why the sparse postings.  I guess you guys are reading this after all…or you’ve been following me, which again, I ask that you please CUT IT OUT!