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Loyal readers, I come to you this morning with a very brief update to the status of the blog.  As I begin to transition from a stories-and-musings-about-anything-and-everything-blog to a slightly more focused stories-and-musings-about-anything-but-not-everything-blog, I’ve decided to find a new forum for my sports writing.  Since he refuses the pay rent like the rest of the topics here, I’ve been forced to evict him.  I’ve been told by friends of sports writing that he holds no ill will towards me and has already found a new place to dwell.

Going forward, you will find all of his work over at Suite101.comSo if you’re looking to get your sports fix, feel free to head over there for a couple of hits.  I don’t plan on posting regularly on both of these sites though.  If the mood strikes me to write about sports, I’ll do so just as I always did.  It will just be over at Suite101 instead of here.  I’ll be sure to leave a little note here though to let you know. 

So when you get a chance, click on over and see the introductory articles I posted about the recent US Open golf tournament.  You’ll be getting some new posts here soon as well, including a guest post possibly early next week.  And keep commenting with ideas for a new name for the blog.  I could come up with one myself, but that probably won’t end well.  See you soon!