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Cast your vote!

Good morning loyal readers, and welcome to a brief but important post.  I have much to tell you after an eventful week that involved an illness that ran roughshod over the Chaney estate and the end of the NFL lockout that saw rich people getting richer.  But that’s all for another post.  This morning I come to you with a request.

If you haven’t received your voting ballot in the mail yet, rest assured I will be voicing my complaints to the US Postal Service shortly.  In the meantime, I’m giving you this space to cast your vote. 

What vote are you referring to, Jim?”

Great question loyal reader, glad to see your engaging in conversation this morning.  The vote in question is for a choice of a new blog name.  I have narrowed my own ideas down to two and I would like your opinions on both.  Now I know I can count on several of you to leave a witty reply or sarcastic comment because you do it all the time.  But for those silent followers out there, I am reaching out to you to make your voices heard.  Please take a moment to tell me which of these choices you prefer, or perhaps which of the two you hate the least. 

So without further ado, here are the finalists:

A) “Boy Meets Words”

B) “The Wordslinger”

Ok, let the comments begin.  The winner will be unveiled as the new title of the blog with my next post (so try not to delete it, thinking it’s just another spam email ok!).  Thanks all and talk to you soon!