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So this is it, huh? This is what 30 feels like? I must say, for all the publicity I gave it, I really expected more in return. I mean, it kind of feels a lot like yesterday, and yesterday I was only 29. Oh…so that’s the big life lesson here. Age is just a number and it’s all about how you feel inside that matters. With age comes wisdom. Young at heart. All that crap. Wow, I feel so much bet…


Did you hear that?


Did someone say something?

JIM!! Turn up your hearing aid old man…you’re in your thirties now! HAHAHA!

Ouch…well that didn’t last long. Though phrased in joke form, I appreciate the back-handed birthday wishes nonetheless. Not everyone would take the time to make fun of me; it means you care and I’m so thankful for that.

No, it means I like to make fun of you.”

No, I think it means you care.

No it doesn’t!”

Yes it does! Now sit there quietly and think about how much I mean to you while I continue with my thoughts here!

Sheesh…so touchy today.”

I’m sorry, that was rather harsh. I guess I’m just a little emotional today as I officially close out my 29th year and, in turn, take a final tally of my 30 Before 30 list. The fact that so many items remain open is undisputed and I shared my feelings about that in my last post. Today, however, I am choosing not to dwell on the incomplete, but rather to celebrate one final victory.

For over a year now, I’ve been blogging about my life. Thirteen months of parenting humor, childhood memories, humble reflections, and glimpses into the future. Thousands of words, woven into stories, that reflect my world and the people and moments that have defined it. Sharing my personal thoughts and unpolished prose has been exciting, revealing, rewarding, and, at times, frightening. But with every page view, every comment, and every subscriber who takes five minutes to read my words, I’ve realized something.

This is my adventure. From the moment I clicked “Publish” and The Wordslinger (formerly “30 Before 30”) was thrust into the blogosphere, I’ve been following a path into the unknown, anxiously awaiting the next twist or turn. Along the way, I’ve met other bloggers, published authors, and everyday people with everyday lives, just looking to relate to someone else. I’ve guest posted on other blogs, had several folks wax poetic right here at my place, and even entered (and subsequently lost) a writing contest.

None of this was on my radar thirteen months ago and I certainly never imagined where this blogging thing would take me. But as I tend to blog about my life, I suppose it only makes sense that this odyssey would encapsulate what my life has become; a never-ending adventure into the unknown that keeps getting better with every passing day.

So as the “30 Before 30” list comes to an end, I proudly cross off one final item. “#27- Go On An Adventure” Check! The last year has been great, but I am confident it won’t hold a candle to the many years to come. As always, I thank you, my loyal readers, for your continued support, and I look forward to sharing the many stories that will beg to be written as I enter the next decade of my life.

PS- Happy Birthday to you too, Grandmom!