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Ok, not really.  That was last week.  But it feels like it here at The Wordslinger because today, for the second time in a week, I am blog-napping someone else’s page for a day.  That’s right, it’s another guest post!  Today, I’m over at MJ Monaghan’s Thoughts and Musings, to sully yet another great blogger’s reputation.   Michael’s a great blogger who has developed an impressive following thanks to posts like this one about being social-media obsessed, and this one which landed him on Freshly Pressed.

MJ was foolish kind enough to lend me his audience for a day and so I’ve written some humorous sentences for their viewing pleasure.  I hope you’ll take a minute to jump over and read my post, as well as the many great one’s by the man of the house.  Thanks to MJ for the opportunity!