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Be honest; is there anything more exciting than when someone sparks your anticipation by tantalizing you with hints about “Big News!” and “Major Events!”?  Ok, sure, there are lots of things more exciting.  Winning the lottery.  Discovering a cure for cancer.  The inevitable Justin-Bieber-Fall-From-Grace.  A big announcement here at The Wordslinger pales in comparison to the above mentioned milestones; I understand that.  So why would anyone be more excited about my “big reveal” than these others?  Because while no one can predict when they’ll strike it rich, cure a terrible disease, or catch the Biebs in a compromising position with Snooki from The Jersey Shore; I can guarantee that my news will break on Friday!

On tonight's episode of Celebrity Rehab: Former Child Star Justin Bieber

In a world of 24/7 information, where breaking news is already 20 minutes old, waiting around for something that may or may not happen is preposterous.  So what better way for me to drum up excitement and ensure people will tune in than by putting an actual date on it?  Genius…I know, right?

So today I’m here to tease you.  Not in a mean, atomic-wedgie-give-me-your-lunch-money-bully kind of way, but a more you’re-not-going-to-believe-what-I-just-heard kind of way.  I’ve been keeping something from you, loyal readers, waiting for the right time, the right way, to tell you.  I’ve been bouncing ideas around in my head, and while I’m still not entirely sure how I’ll reveal my news, I’ve decided it’s time.  For those wondering if I’m finally going to accept my flaws as a writer and hang up the old blog, I’m afraid you will be sorely disappointed.

I plan to continue providing my readers with poorly written prose for as long as you’ll have me, so no, the blog isn’t going anywhere.  I will however, provide you with a teeny tiny hint, but you’ll have to continue reading to get it.  This brings me to the other reason for this post; the homework assignment mentioned in the title.

Over the past 15 months, I’ve grown this little blog tremendously (at least by my standards), and while I’d like to say that my stellar writing deserves much of the credit, we both know that’s not true.  It’s because of you, my loyal readers, that this blog still exists.  You read my words, comment on my posts, retweet my tweets, and continuously provide me with encouraging feedback.  And how do I repay you, you ask?  By assigning you some homework!

As I become more and more committed to my writing goals, I lean upon you guys for support and promotion.  If I ever want to take this writing thing to a new level, I need a platform to spread the word and that’s what this little corner of the blogosphere is for.  I want to grow this page, welcome new readers, and interact with others who share the same passions I do; family, children, storytelling, and writing.

So I’m asking my loyal readers to sign on as part-time agents for The Wordslinger and introduce someone new to the blog.  Tell them all the great things about it…in other words, lie to them.  Re-blog this post if you’d like, tweet it if you’re a twittererer…, or just find a friend, tie them to a chair, and flick them in the ear repeatedly until they subscribe.  However you choose to promote it is up to you.

Use this teaser post as a way to garner interest.  Ask them to give it a try, and if they like what they read, go ahead and subscribe.  And here is the only hint I am giving regarding the subject of my BIG NEWS: if they like what they read, they’ll like what’s coming.  Ha!  Pretty crappy hint, huh?  Well you didn’t think I was just going to give it away, did you?  I want you to stew over it for a few days, take a few guesses, and then join me back here on Friday in breathless anticipation.  Or just come back because you don’t have anything better to do.

So there’s your homework assignment for the next few days folks. Get someone new to follow The Wordslinger.  We’ll meet back on Friday to see how you did and to reveal the BIG NEWS!  See you then!