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“…so I’m like YOU KIDS TURN THAT MUSIC DOW…huh…what?  I’m on? Thanks!”

(sound of me clearing my throat)

Hello World!  This is exactly how I opened my very first post here at The Wordslinger (formerly known as 30 Before 30) way back in the fall of 2010.  I thought it was rather amusing, a comical take on how your life changes as you get older.  Now that I’m reading it again, it doesn’t seem quite as funny as I remembered.  Actually, it’s kind of cheesy.  You know what, forget what you just read.  Let’s start over.

Hello World!  I thought I’d use this week’s post as a sort of re-introduction to myself and my blog due to the exploding popularity, massive blogging success, and strikingly handsome good looks I’ve receiving since landing on Freshly Pressed last Thursday.  Well, ok, the good looks part isn’t entirely true.  I had them well before my fame kicked in.

It seems that a conversation about baby names really strikes a chord in people (as evidenced by the 1,100+ comments I’ve received in the last 4 days), and so I sit here today with a subscriber list that is nearly triple what it was at this time last week.  I am both excited and humbled by the feedback I’ve received on the blog, and specifically the Freshly Pressed post, and so to my new readers, I’d like to just say thank you, welcome, and I’m sorry.

As my contractually-obligated loyal readers will attest, I am less a great wordsmith and more a sneaky master of dupery.  You see, when you innocently clicked on the subscription tab, you entered into an agreement that requires your complete devotion to The Wordslinger, as well as regularly scheduled “Great post!” and “You are hilarious!” comments to be left for others to see.  While I do harbor some guilt for having tricked you into reading my drivel, I must admit you are at least partially to blame.  I mean who accepts 18 pages of terms and conditions without reading them, am I right?  What?  You weren’t presented with any terms and conditions?  Hmm…must’ve been a glitch in the system.  I’ll get some guys to take a look at that.  In the meantime, however, you’re locked in.

But let’s be honest, there are worse things you could be forced to do other than following The Wordslinger.  You could…umm…  Well there’s, uh… Ok, moving on.  Now that you are on board with the rest of us, you might as well make the most of it.  Feel free to peruse the neighborhood and maybe even lend a suggestion or snide comment here or there.  I’ve recently made a couple of changes that I think you’ll enjoy.

Those who have been with me for a while know that my joy of writing has morphed from a hobby into a more serious desire to achieve professional success in the craft.  Amidst the humorous antics of Iz and The Jakester, I’ve sprinkled in some writing prompts and posts about my goal of writing, and eventually publishing, a novel.  I’ve received such positive feedback from my readers, as well as other writers, and so I press forward and continue to invite all of you along with me.

I’ve created a new page here on the blog, uniquely titled “My Novel“, where I will post my updated word count every time I sling a few more onto the canvas.  I will also use this page to showcase any past blog posts that I’ve devoted specifically to the book, as well as any external articles I’ve run across that I found especially informative or entertaining.  By visiting this new page regularly you’ll be kept up to speed on my progress; as well, you will be fulfilling your obligation to visit The Wordslinger at least four times per week (as spelled out in the previously mentioned terms and conditions).

Since its inception, I’ve striven to make this blog more about interaction with my readers and less about me.  My goal is the same with every post I write, to make you, the reader, feel something.  Whether it’s bringing back a funny memory, sharing the comfort and warmth of my family stories, recalling an emotional moment, or just being ridiculous and nonsensical, I want you to feel engaged and invested in my journey.  If you’re laughing, I’ve succeeded.  If you’re crying, I’ve succeeded (though probably not in the way I intended).

So that’s what you’ll continue to find here at The Wordslinger and it is what you’ll find one day when you hold my novel in your hand and crack the spine for the first time.  At least that’s my hope; that you’ll enjoy yourself here enough to follow me down the road towards being a published author.  So while I work on the glitch that roped you in here (this could take a while), sit back and enjoy the ride.