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As many of you know, I have what you might call a “problem” when it comes to my extreme addiction to sports.  While I generally don’t bludgeon you over the head with opinion pieces and nerdy, stat-based stories here at The Wordslinger, I do wax poetic about my affair with sports from time to time.  My dream of being paid to talk about sports remains just a dream, but I still hold out hope that Bill Simmons will accidentally end up here after a mis-spelled Google search, and I’ll get my opportunity!

Ok, that last part seems a bit unlikely, but that doesn’t deter me from exploring other avenues that may ultimately land me on the same path.  Today, I am happy to announce the launch of one such avenue.  Thanks to the help of a good friend, I was recently introduced to a producer of several sports talk shows in the Baltimore/Washington area who was in the process of creating his own sports-themed website.  After some discussions, I was offered the chance to write for his new site, The Sports Column, which officially launched yesterday.

I’m uber excited to be a part of this new website.  To have another platform for folks to read my writing is an awesome opportunity, but to be a part of a sports site that includes actual sports industry professionals is humbling.  In the coming days/weeks, you’ll notice some structural changes to the blog here, including a new tab which will feature links to my work over at The Sports Column.  Don’t be worried loyal reader, this new opportunity will not distract me from my weekly duties here at The Wordslinger (though my newborn baby might).

I’m excited about the Sports Column for several reason, one of which being its flexibility.  Brett, the creator of the site, has wisely constructed a site featuring writers who are passionate about their topics.  No specific storylines are required, no deadlines to adhere to, just sports people talking about the sports they love most.  So when the sports bug hits me, I’ll be taking my talents over to The Column to voice my thoughts and I’ll be sure to link it up right here for your viewing pleasure.

So if you have a few minutes, why not take a trip over to The Sports Column, take a look around, and read my first post about the resurgence of the Baltimore Orioles and the reluctance of the fans to get behind the team.  Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you back here soon.

Wordslinger’s Detailed Baby Update:  No baby yet.