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Tomorrow we head to the Cape.  Cape Cod, Massachusetts that is; not Cape Canaveral or “The Cape of Storms” (though I’m not expecting smooth sailing on the trip).  Jen’s family is from the Cape if I haven’t mentioned that before, and we do our best to get up there for long weekends and vacations whenever possible.  This weekend’s trip serves two purposes.  First, we get to see the family (obviously the priority), and second, we are going to the Red Sox game at Fenway.  Time to cross off another list item.  Winning!!

But here’s the thing.  Back in the day, Jen and I could take long weekend trips whenever we wanted.  I’m not saying we took advantage of our youth and irresponsibility, I’m just saying the option was there.  We could throw some clothes in a bag and head out the door; the entire planning process consisted of “don’t forget a clean pair of underwear and make sure the car has gas”.  Things started to change a bit with the introduction of animals into our lives.  No, I’m not talking about Iz and the Jakester (though it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve referred to them as beasts).  I’m talking about our two labs, Cody and Bailey.

With the arrival of puppies (that are now 100+ lb, shedding, eating, pooping, ADHD monsters), we suddenly had to account for them in our travel prep.  When we went on weekend trips, we’d ask the neighbors to feed them and let them out.  When we took a longer trip, like our two week tour of Italy a few years back, my sister and brother-in-law stayed at the house with the boys.  While planning took a little more effort than before, it was still relatively simple to organize.

Now, not so much.  Since Izzy and Jake made their grand appearances, life has become all about planning, and travel is no exception.  Trips that once consisted of just me, Jen and a small bag clothes now include the rugrats, 18 different outfits apiece, enough diapers to change all the kids in Cape Cod, food, formula, pack n’ plays, strollers, a high chair, a booster seat, jackets in case its cold, books to read at night, stuffed animals to sleep with, toys to play with, and a big bottle of vodka, just in case.

Ok, thats enough for the car ride up...now how bout the rest of the trip?

The planning for a simple, extended weekend trip, starts weeks in advance as we space out our laundry cycles to ensure certain outfits make the cut.  We make a run to the local wholesale club to stock up on 10lb boxes of fruit snacks and pallets of diapers.  All the prep eventually leads to the packing of the car, which is only slightly easier than solving quadratic equations.  After several failed attempts and thrown out schematics, the right alignment of suitcases and strollers is determined and the trunk closes.

The poor dogs, who prior to the kids were the first priority, now are relegated to afterthought status when we realize we haven’t accounted for their wellbeing while we are away.  A couple of phone calls at the eleventh hour lead to desperate pleas from us and a reluctant acceptance from someone with no previous plans.  All in all, the process of going on a “vacation” now feels a lot more like work. 

Despite the added responsibilities and all the planning that goes into it, we are very much looking forward to this weekend’s getaway.  I am also very excited about crossing an item off my list.  This brings me to this week’s Follow-Up Friday so let’s get started.

#1-3: Weekly Stats:

  • Miles Run: 9
  • Pushups: 120
  • Situps: 100
  • Random Ipod Song: “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

Ok, so not a super productive week in the fitness category.  But hey, at least I did something.  Only got in a couple of days of running so I have to figure out a better way to run more.  Better luck next week I suppose.

#5: No decision yet on the tattoo but I’ve received some interesting suggestions.  Some are being considered while others were simply ridiculous.  Funny, but ridiculous.  Anyway, keep coming up with ideas guys and I’ll let you know when it’s going down.

#7: As mentioned above, this one is getting crossed off this weekend.  Well, Monday to be exact.  Jen and I are heading to Fenway with our friends from Boston for a day of baseball, beer, and good times.  Whether you love the Red Sox (Jen’s family) or hate them (me), Fenway is a place you just have to see a game if you’re a baseball fan.  So excited to see it for myself!

#8, #20, #23, and #27: These are the items that make up the “Lil Help Please” category/page.  I’ve received a couple of comments on them which, as promised, I responded to.  Keep the suggestions coming and keep reaching out to anyone you think could help me here.  Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Of course, I’ll be the one reaping the benefits if you somehow work these out for me, but I’ll be sure to give you a great big “Thanks!” for all your hard work!

So that’s it for this episode of Follow-Up Friday.  Hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you back here next week.  Have a great weekend!