My Novel

As the final entry to the now famous 30 Before 30 List, “begin writing a novel” has become more than just another task to be completed.  Upon rediscovering my love for writing thanks to the creation of this blog, I’ve slowly made strides towards a new, more ambitious goal; to become a published author.  In sticking with the theme of this blog, which has always been to engage my readers and take them along with me on my journeys, I intend to keep you all abreast of the progress of my novel, right here on The Wordslinger.

With that in mind, I’m creating this page especially for that purpose.  Here, you’ll be able to follow my progression via my word counter, find links to information regarding publishing that I’ve found, and get quick access to any past blog posts about the book.  Thanks for your continued support of my dream; it keeps me pressing forward and striving to be the best writer I can be!

How’s That Novel Coming Along?

Posts Devoted To My Novel

“Meet Ben” –

“To Outline or Not To Outline…” –

“Turning Off The Filter” –


5 thoughts on “My Novel”

  1. As I am nearing 40, I am contemplating the idea of writing a book too…based on my experience in life – nah-uh, not an auto-biography but to let others know that they are not alone in the world when faced with those experiences. All the best, with your book!!

  2. great idea to have this page…love it. what’s your schedule look like, just out of fellow-writerly curriosity?

    • Well, I like to call it a schedule, but I can’t say it’s been a regular occurrence. So far though, I’ve found the best time for my writing is early in the morning before the wife and kids wake up…so I rise at about 5:00am and usually have about an hour or so by myself before it’s time to get ready for work. How about you?

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